U.S. government Huawei banning from within the country or October 29 14:52

US telecommunications authorities have announced new steps to prevent domestic telecommunications companies from using equipment such as the Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei. There seems to be an aim of thorough banning from the country.

The FCC = Federal Communications Commission in the United States announced new measures for equipment made by Huawei and ZTE, major Chinese communications equipment on the 28th.

The content is to ban the use of these two devices by domestic telecommunications companies that receive subsidies from the US government.

Specifically, while prohibiting the purchase of 5G equipment for next-generation communication technology developed by these two companies, it is also urged to replace equipment that has already been introduced. This is to deal with the risk of attacks.

The US government prohibits government agencies from procuring Chinese-made telecommunications equipment, but some domestic telecommunications companies still use relatively inexpensive Chinese products, so the government has introduced new measures. However, there seems to be a goal of thorough banning from the country.