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Arrested one of the most wanted fugitives in Europe when celebrating his birthday in Puerto Banús


Going unnoticed was not Cihan Guzel's strong point. During a violent robbery he pulled the trigger as if there was no tomorrow, leaving behind a trail of 80 caps. Tam

Going unnoticed was not Cihan Guzel's strong point. During a violent robbery he pulled the trigger as if there was no tomorrow, leaving behind a trail of 80 caps . Nor was it disgusting to use explosives to burst any box that resisted him, even though that put other people's lives at risk.

With that way of walking through life, it is not surprising that the policemen surprised him by celebrating his birthday in style in Puerto Banús (Marbella). Without hiding. Despite being the most wanted fugitive by Europol and pending a 22-year prison sentence in Luxembourg . An escape exhibitionist who has come to an end.

Guzel's capture came just 24 hours after the October 26 FAST teams in Belgium and Luxembourg contacted the National Police to inform them that this dangerous criminal could be hidden in a municipality on the Malaga coast.

Investigators of the Organized Crime and Crime Unit (Udyco), experts in the location of fugitives, knew that on the same day it was their birthday and that, knowing how to get around these individuals , they could be celebrating it in the immediate vicinity of Marbella.

Due to the short time to act, the case was given absolute priority and "the relevant contacts were established for its location," said the Provincial Commission of Malaga in a statement, which detailed that the detention materialized at dawn on the 27 October.

Cihan Guzel was in a club in Puerto Banús having fun without caring that his portrait had sneaked into the list of the most wanted by Europol. Among their belongings, the agents found a French identity card in the name of another person .

The European Order of Detention and Delivery filed by the Luxembourg authorities was in force for crimes of attempted murder, illicit trafficking of weapons, ammunition and explosives , robbery with violence and use of weapons and membership in a criminal organization.

A movie robbery

On the night of April 2-3, 2013, between five and seven heavily armed individuals attacked the headquarters of a money transport company , located in Gasperich (Luxembourg). The robbers detonated explosive charges at the access doors and subsequently attacked the interior security sites with automatic weapons . Despite using heavy weapons, they could not access the broker where the money was.

Inside, the company's security teams, alerted by the first explosions, did not respond to the attack pending police action. A few minutes later, three police patrols arrived at the scene and, about 80 meters from the assault site, were greeted by bursts of automatic weapons. In total, they received a minimum of 38 shots . Although the bullets did not reach police vehicles, they did impact nearby homes without causing personal injury.

Unable to access the vault, the authors fled to the race for about 200 meters, firing several times at police patrols . Afterwards, they rode in two large displacement vehicles that were waiting and fled at full speed.

Immediately, the Luxembourg Police established a surveillance system throughout the country, which paid off when a patrol crossed the two vehicles of the perpetrators at the time they fled to Belgium . "Before the reaction of the agents, the authors acted as a military command by ambushing them inside a forest and shooting them dozens of times with automatic weapons," explained the Police, adding that "the police vehicle, which was at one hundred meters away, it was reached. " Subsequently, a minimum of 47 shots were counted at the scene.

When the police reinforcements arrived at the scene, they verified that the perpetrators had abandoned one of the vehicles, which they had previously set on fire . Despite the deployment of forces on both sides of the border between Belgium and Luxembourg, the authors managed to disappear among the forests.

The detainee, in conjunction with the proceedings of the case, will be made available to the National Court, which will determine whether the extradition proceeds.

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