Russia will criminalize drug propaganda on the Internet. The corresponding order was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to a document published on the website of the Kremlin’s press service, the government will have to amend the law to criminalize such actions.

“To take additional measures to counteract the illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, providing for ... introducing amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation criminalizing the incitement to use or promotion of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues using the information and telecommunications network Internet” , - stated in the order.

Currently, only a fine is provided for such an offense.

The President also ordered the government to take a number of other measures to combat drug trafficking, including ensuring compliance with the requirements of the law regarding extrajudicial restrictions on access to sites that contain information on the development, manufacture and locations of illicit drugs.

The Cabinet of Ministers should also support non-governmental organizations involved in the rehabilitation of drug addicts and their return to society. At the same time, the government should summarize the rehabilitation experience accumulated by the regional authorities.

A report on the implementation of these items is due by January 10, 2020. The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has been appointed responsible for the execution of this order.

The other two instructions on drug control are addressed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Anti-Drug Committee. The Minister of the Interior Vladimir Kolokoltsev was appointed responsible for the execution of both. The deadline is until January 10, 2020.

According to the first of them, the Ministry of Internal Affairs should deal with issues of material and personnel support in the fight against drug trafficking via the Internet. The ministry will also have to submit proposals to increase the number of employees employed in this area.

The Anti-Drug Committee, in turn, will have to develop recommendations on cooperation between regions, local authorities, public associations and socially-oriented organizations involved in the fight against drugs.

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In the field of tourism, the government will have to submit proposals by December 1 to improve state regulation for entrepreneurs engaged in this field. Also, in these terms, the Cabinet will develop a mechanism to combat business tax evasion, which provides relaxation for foreigners.

Measures to protect the Kedrovaya Pad nature reserve and the Leopard Land national park can also be attributed to work in this direction. The government will have to prepare a report by December 1 to protect these facilities from major industrial projects.

In addition, the Cabinet, together with the leadership of the Kamchatka Territory and with the participation of the Russian Geographical Society, will have to support the work and development of the Volcanarium Museum of Volcanoes.


Some of the assignments apply to the educational sphere. So, on the basis of Admiral G. I. Nevelsky Maritime State University, a “school under the sails” for youth will be created. It will be oriented, inter alia, to the study of the country's marine history. The construction of two sailing ships is also foreseen.

In addition, the government should propose measures for state support of educational programs for the study of modern programming languages. Moreover, pilot projects should be implemented on the basis of educational institutions of the Far Eastern Federal District.

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education will need to help preserve and develop the Udege language and literature. The departments will be assisted by the Federal Agency for Nationalities and the Fund for the Preservation and Study of the Mother Tongues of the Peoples of Russia.

The government, together with the regional authorities and with the participation of the public organization “Russian Student Squads”, will have to determine the list of objects that should be built as part of national projects and state programs where student teams will be involved annually.

Another assignment related to students provides for the support of the “All-Russian Student Rescue Corps”. Starting from 2020, money will be allocated from the budget for the preparation and implementation of measures to improve the training of volunteers in overcoming the consequences of natural disasters and other emergency situations. Also, the funds will go to their equipment and equipment.

Other areas

The presidential administration will have to create a branch of the Senezh management workshop in the Primorsky Territory. The help will be provided by the ANO “Russia - the Land of Opportunities” - the organizer of this workshop. The administration will also help the Sakhalin Oblast government to conduct a patriotic rally in the region in 2020.

The government will develop additional measures to help resettle compatriots from abroad to Russia if they intend to settle in priority areas for farming or other rural work.

The Cabinet of Ministers on the basis of the Primorsky Territory Perinatal Center will develop a pilot project for the rehabilitation of children under three years of age. The government will also identify sources of funding for this program.

The possibility of using maternity capital to connect housing to gas, water and sanitation will also be considered.

In addition, the government should consider issues related to the provision of benefits for paying for flights for children with disabilities living in the Far Eastern Federal District.

According to instructions, the Cabinet must consider the completion of multi-apartment buildings, the deadlines for which were violated. This applies only to facilities with shared construction.

Another task set before the government was the development of proposals for regulating the activities of individual entrepreneurs engaged in the extraction of alluvial gold, including its further sale to the state. According to the text of the order, responsibility for production without a license should also be strengthened.

The plenipotentiary of the president in the Far Eastern Federal District and the Ministry for the Development of the Far East will have to assist in the development of the Gosprofi.rf project. This program allows us to solve the problem of the lack of qualified young personnel in the field of public administration in the Far East.

In the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, Russian monuments of history and culture, burial places of Russian soldiers and compatriots, religious and memorial complexes should be restored and restored.

In particular, with the participation of the Russian Orthodox Church, the possibility of restoring the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the war memorial to Russian soldiers in the city of Shenyang in northeast China should be considered.

The Ministry of Sport and the Ministry for the Development of the Far East will have to develop proposals for the creation of sports grounds for extreme sports in the Far Eastern Federal District. And the Ministry of Culture will support the campaign "Great cinema of a great country" and the festival of feature films "Morning of the Homeland."