Dusseldorf (dpa) - Halle Berry, Boris Becker and Barbara Schoeneberger: Before Christmas, the German retailer once again relies on concentrated Starpower.

From the beginning of November, Aldi Süd promises its customers jackets, jeans and ankle boots "designed" by Academy Award winner Halle Berry "Hollywood Glamor" for a small fee. The electronics chains Media Markt and Saturn, which are suffering from online competition, are simultaneously vying for customers' favor in a large-scale advertising campaign on television, in the cinema and online with Boris Becker and Barbara Schöneberger.

The cooperation with the stars is certainly not cheap for the dealers. But it can be worthwhile, says marketing expert Martin Fassnacht of the WHU business school in Düsseldorf. Aldi, for example, always works with well-known personalities. "The goal is an image transfer from celebrities to the discounter, which makes the low-cost provider look cooler, upgrades and gives it a premium finish," explains the expert.

In fact, Halle Berry is just the latest addition to the star roster that Aldi has adorned in recent years. The US singer Anastacia has already developed a fashion collection for Aldi Süd. The designer Wolfgang Joop designed furniture accessories. And in the wine rack of the low-cost supplier is regularly wine by Günther Jauch.

For Halle Berry it is already the second excursion into the world of German cheap fashion. Back in 2012, the actress presented her own shoe collection in Germany - at that time still at Germany's largest shoe retailer Deichmann. But that does not appeal to Aldi. "Halle Berry has gone down among the designers," promotes the discounter proudly and promises that the new Aldi collection bring at prices of 8.99 euros to 34.99 euros "fashionable wind from Hollywood in the closet".

The electronics chains Media Markt and Saturn, on the other hand, relied on local celebrities from Boris Becker, Barbara Schöneberger and singer Pietro Lombardi in their pre-Christmas advertising. It is the first time that the two sister companies, which are advertising slogans like "Stingy is cool" or "I'm not stupid", are launching a joint campaign.

Under the motto "Germany wants to know", a competition between Media Markt and Saturn seems to be staged around the customer's favor. But in reality, of course, the benefits of both chains in comparison to pure online retailers to be put in the right light, as the Germany boss of MediaMarktSaturn, Florian Gietl, betrays. After all, it's Amazon and Co. that are currently making life difficult for the two chains.

That the love of the retailers to the celebrities will last forever is not said. On the contrary, the retail giants are now often unfaithful to the well-known TV and sports stars and are instead testing the collaboration with the new stars of the Internet economy: the influencers with their countless followers on Instagram or Youtube.

Aldi, for example, announced long-term cooperation with five different influencers in April of this year. As a result, the brand Aldi Süd "should be made more tangible and accessible to a younger target group," said Aldi South Marketing Director Marco Ganser.

At the end of September, the discounter launched cosmetic products for the first time in collaboration with two influencers. And Lidl also decided to collaborate with the influencers DominoKati, Patrizia Palme, Shanti Joan Tan and Valentina Pahde this spring for the spring collection of his fashion brand Esmara after working with Heidi Klum.

For the marketing expert Fassnacht this is only logical. "The young generation in particular simply feels closer to such influencers and they enjoy a high degree of credibility," he says.

Message from Aldi South

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