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- "I'm getting angry, a gypsy was calling me.

- And what did he say?

- Brunette come here.

- And what did you say? "

The conversation, sadly famous already, was maintained by the young woman from Pozuelo de Alarcón Diana Quer López-Pinel at 02:40 a.m. on August 22, 2016 with a friend from Madrid . As of this week, it is again up to date because it is the last proven words that the young woman said, who was then 18 years old and would have turned 21. At that time, silence reigned for 497 days, until that a rainy morning of December 31, 2017, José Enrique Abuín Gey, the Chewing Gum , took the Civil Guard to the place where his body was hidden, at the bottom of a well, from a few hours after that 'Morena come here'.

Only Chewing Gum will be able to reveal what Diana Quer's last words really were and what happened after that WhatsApp conversation. You will have the opportunity to do it this Tuesday, October 29, because first thing in the morning you will sit on the bench of the accused of the Sixth Section of the Provincial Court of A Coruña .

He will do so before a popular jury as prosecuted for the crimes of illegal detention, sexual assault and murder with alevosía, reprimand and to prevent the discovery of another crime for which the Prosecutor's Office and the private prosecution request that he be sentenced to reviewable permanent prison. .

His testimony will open a trial that is expected to last at least until November 11 and cite 90 people in the wedding hall of the courts of Santiago. Previously, as of this Monday, the selection process of the jury court responsible for determining your guilt will be carried out.

The procedure is expected to be long, as the parties will try to rule out citizens who may be previously contaminated with a preconceived idea of ​​what happened, in view of the media exposure of this case for three years, it will be difficult to find citizens who have not read, heard and seen information on one of the most media crimes in recent years in Spain.

As part of this media exposure, this week the presence in the courts of Santiago is expected of the parents of the murdered young woman, Juan Carlos Quer and Diana López-Pinel , who have long had a bad relationship that last week led them to an exchange of complaints in the courts. Both will testify as witnesses on Tuesday, after Abuín Gey himself.

Mobiles and autopsy: keys in the case

In the investigation of the death of Diana Quer, the Civil Guard had two key issues: the analysis of the young woman's mobile phones and her alleged murderer and the study of the movements of all the vehicles that that early morning left A Pobra do Caramiñal , summer resort of Diana Quer, after that disturbing message that for almost 500 days was the last trace of the young woman from Madrid.

In the two weeks of trial they will try to explain these two axes of police investigation, but also two other key issues: the autopsy and the forensic reports that could determine that El Gicle raped Diana before killing her even though he has always denied it and the character of "sexual predator" of the accused.

Abu Gey has repeatedly told investigators that he is "a crime professional" and that he is a "predator." During the next two weeks they must prove it to the jurors. They will have it a little easier than six months ago because in April he was sentenced by the Provincial Court to five years and one month in prison for the attempted abduction and rape of a young woman from the town of Boiro , just the facts that in the Christmas of 2017 precipitated his arrest and subsequent confession of where he had hidden Diana's body for 547 days.

The other background of the processing will also be placed on the table. He is currently serving a two-and-a-half-year prior conviction for drug trafficking and has opened an investigation for the rape of his former sister-in-law, twin sister of his ex-wife, when he was a minor, a case filed since 2007 that was reopened following the discovery of Diana Quer's body.

Civil Guard agents take José Enrique Abuín Gey, with his face covered, after his arrest. ROSA GONZÁLEZ

The facts to judge

The prosecutor's account of the facts for this case begins at dawn on August 22, 2016, at the time when Abuín Gey left his home in the town of Rianxo , driving his Alfa Romeo car and reached A Pobra do Caramiñal, where he focused his attention on Diana, who, at 02:28 hours, had begun the journey back to her home, from the Valle Inclán Gardens , and headed alone and on foot to her holiday residence.

The Prosecutor's Office maintains that he sighted her during his journey, in which he had to cross a remote, depopulated and poorly lit park area and through which no one was circulating at that time, with abandoned ships. Taking advantage of these circumstances "knowingly", he followed her in his car, slowly and without losing sight of her, "stalking her until she reached the most appropriate place to later approach her and apprehend her in order to sexually assault her."

According to the Prosecutor's Office, he was "aware that no one could help her" by cutting off his car with the famous 'Morena, come here'. Acting with the purpose of depriving her of freedom of movement and communication and of attacking her sexual freedom, he approached her and violently pounced on her, reducing her by force, without her being able to do anything to prevent the attack, when she was alone and helpless.

The indictment adds that he snatched his cell phone so he could not ask for help and was thus totally unprotected, while dragging it to his vehicle and introducing it in the trunk, where he swung her hands and feet with flanges and gagged with adhesive tape, canceling any chance of escape. Having her totally at his mercy, he moved away from this place at high speed, when he crossed the bridge of the Ría de Arousa Highway, threw his cell phone into the sea and continued to the Asados parish in Rianxo.

He traveled a distance of 17 kilometers until he reached a destination that he had previously decided to consummate his purpose of sexually attacking her, a ship abandoned for years near the home of his parents and had frequented regularly to steal furniture from their stores . According to the Prosecutor's Office, he chose it because he knew that he had disused beds and mattresses and that it was "the perfect place to consummate his act of raping her."

He parked the car inside, dragged it to the basement warehouse, a place without light, "sordid, gloomy, dark and dirty." She was "tied, subdued and terrified," undressed her, groped her and, according to the Prosecutor's Office, raped her while she resisted, reaching to place a bridle around her neck and squeeze her hard with the intention of threatening her life and to hide He had raped her.

He killed her by strangulation, took the body to a well of fresh water and 10 meters deep and threw inside her bag, her thong and her body, naked, with the bridle still attached to her neck. Twenty days later, he returned and ballasted the body with two large blocks of adobe, weighing 18.5 kilos, joined together by an electric cable, until it sank. He covered the mouth of the well with a concrete casket so that the body was never discovered. He was only located because he himself guided the investigators to the crime after running out of the alibi that his ex-wife and ex-brothers-in-law had given him for more than a year and confessed to the crime.

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