• Umbria, Salvini: let's wait, but by eye we have done historical business
  • Umbria elects the president. At 19.00 the turnout was 52.8%: up almost 13 points on 2015
  • Umbria, regional elections of 27 October: eight candidates and 19 lists in the field


October 27, 2019Confirming the exit polls, the first projections photograph the great success of the Umbria region's center-right candidate, Donatella Tesei, with 57.0%, ahead of rival Vincenzo Bianconi, candidate of the center-left alliance-Ms5, accredited by 37.5%.

If the data will be confirmed by the counting, it will be the first time that a region historically of the center-left of central Italy passes to the center-right, in the first consultation that takes place after the formation of the new government based on the alliance between Pd and M5s.

The sample is with 11% coverage. The data is from the Opinio Italia Consortium for Rai (Research subject to statistical error).

Both have the support of 5 lists: for Tesei Lega, Forza Italia, Fdi, Umbria civica and Tesei president; for Bianconi Pd, M5s, Green Europe, Green Civic Left and Bianconi for Umbria.

Among the other candidates, Claudio Ricci (president Ricci, Civic Italy, Proposed Umbria) has between 3.2%, while the others Emiliano Camuzzi (Italian Communist Party, Power to the people), Rossano Rubicondi (Communist Party), Giuseppe "Dr "Seduction Cirillo (Party of Good Manners), Martina Carletti (Reconquering Italy); Antonio Pappalardo (Orange Vest) are under 1%.

The exit polls gave Tesei a fork between 55 and 59%, in Bianconi between 36.5% and 40.5%.

High electoral participation: the final figure is 64.42%, compared to 55.43% of the previous ones.

Salvini: historic enterprise
Immediately after the exit polls came the first reaction: "Commentary on real data. By eye, we have made a historic undertaking". So Matteo Salvini on his arrival in Perugia. Then post a photo on Facebook:

Transparencies (M5S): not an easy context, given the confirmed civic agreement is the third way
"The given exit poll if it will be definitive confirms the fact that the civic pact is born as an alternative and third way with respect to strictly political coalitions". He tells the Adnkronos Stefano Lucidi, Umbrian senator of the M5S, commenting on the first exit polls. "In this sense, the result as a net percentage figure seems to me to be highly respected, compared to a context that is not easy for any coalition party," Lucidi observes.

Tajani (Fi): message is that Italians want a center-right government
"The Italy of Buongoverno has also won in Umbria. From 4 March 2018 to today the message of the Italians is always the same: they want a center-right government. Congratulations to Donatella Tesei, she won the peaceful revolution!" Antonio Tajani, vice president of Forza Italia, writes this on twitter, commenting on the first exit polls.

Portas (IV): Pd abandons M5S, brings us to ruin
"First the PD, before Zingaretti abandon the alliance with the M5s the better it will be for the center-left and for the whole country. The M5s are bringing us to ruin". Thus stated Moderate leader Giacomo Portas, independent of Italia Viva.

More Europe: Giallorossi government is not bank to Salvini
"We voted in Umbria for regional elections, of course. But it was a bit of a pride for those who preached that an improvised government, compromised with the previous one in the same prime minister and in the programs, would have constituted a bank for Salvini. Far from the Interior Ministry, the Northern League leader has not deflated: anything ''. This was stated by the secretary of PiĆ¹ Europa, Benedetto Della Vedova. "Without the courage of a Europeanist and liberal-democratic alternative, clearly distinguished from Salvini's nationalism and from the populism of Casaleggio and Di Maio, we end up playing on the defensive, closing in a corner. From this government coalition - Della Vedova concludes - the alternative to Salvini cannot be born ''.

In the European last May, the League had 38.2%, the Pd 24.0%, M5s 14.6%, Fdi 6.6%, Forza Italia 6.4%, Europe on 2, 7%, The left 2.1%, Green Europe 1.8%, the Communist Party 1.6%. Other lists had less than 1%.

In the policies of March 2018, the center-right had 36.8% (League 20.1%, Forza Italia 11.2%, Fdi 4.9%, Noi with Italy-Udc 0.5%); the M5s 27.5%; the center left 27.5% (Pd 24.8%, + Europe 1.9%, Civic popular 0.4%, Together 0.4%); LeU 3.0%; Power to the people 1.3%; Casapound 1.2%. Other lists had less than 1%.

In the 2015 regional elections, the center-left candidate, Catiuscia Marini, won with 42.78%, in front of Claudio Ricci of the center-right with 39.27%, while Andrea Liberati of the M5s had 14.31%. Five minor candidates had a total of 3.65%.

The majority had 13 seats (11 Pd, 1 reformist Socialists-Territories for Umbria, 1 Umbria plus Uguale-Sel), the center-right 6 (2 Lega, 2 Ricci president, 1 Forza Italia, 1 Fdi), 2 M5s. The outgoing legislative assembly is made up of 10 Pd, 1 reformist Socialists-Territories for Umbria, 5 Mixed Group, 2 M5s, 1 League, 1 Forza Italy, 1 Fdi.