• Umbria elects the president. At 19.00 the turnout was 52.8%: up almost 13 points on 2015
  • Umbria, regional elections of 27 October: eight candidates and 19 lists in the field


October 27, 2019According to the first exit polls, Donatella Tesei, the center-right candidate for the Umbria Region, is clearly in the lead with a fork between 56.5% and 60.5%, ahead of rival Vincenzo Bianconi, a candidate of the center-left alliance-Ms5, credited with 35.5% -39.5%.

If the data is confirmed, it is the first time that a region of the center-left historically passes to the center-right, in the first consultation that takes place after the formation of the new government based on the alliance between Pd and M5s.

The sample is 80% coverage. The data is from the Opinio Italia Consortium for Rai (Research subject to statistical error).

Both have the support of 5 lists: for Tesei Lega, Forza Italia, Fdi, Umbria civica and Tesei president; for Bianconi Pd, M5s, Green Europe, Green Civic Left and Bianconi for Umbria.

Among the other candidates, Claudio Ricci (Ricci president, Civic Italy, Proposed Umbria) has between 1.5% and 4.5%, while all the others Emiliano Camuzzi (Italian Communist Party, Power to the people), Rossano Rubicondi (Communist Party), Giuseppe "Dr" Seduction Cirillo (Party of Good Manners), Martina Carletti (Reconquest Italy); Antonio Pappalardo (Orange vests) are between 0 and 1%.

In the European last May, the League had 38.2%, the Pd 24.0%, M5s 14.6%, Fdi 6.6%, Forza Italia 6.4%, Europe on 2, 7%, The left 2.1%, Green Europe 1.8%, the Communist Party 1.6%. Other lists had less than 1%.

In the policies of March 2018, the center-right had 36.8% (League 20.1%, Forza Italia 11.2%, Fdi 4.9%, Noi with Italy-Udc 0.5%); the M5s 27.5%; the center left 27.5% (Pd 24.8%, + Europe 1.9%, Civic popular 0.4%, Together 0.4%); LeU 3.0%; Power to the people 1.3%; Casapound 1.2%. Other lists had less than 1%.

In the 2015 regional elections, the center-left candidate, Catiuscia Marini, won with 42.78%, in front of Claudio Ricci of the center-right with 39.27%, while Andrea Liberati of the M5s had 14.31%. Five minor candidates had a total of 3.65%.

The majority had 13 seats (11 Pd, 1 reformist Socialists-Territories for Umbria, 1 Umbria plus Uguale-Sel), the center-right 6 (2 Lega, 2 Ricci president, 1 Forza Italia, 1 Fdi), 2 M5s. The outgoing legislative assembly is made up of 10 Pd, 1 reformist Socialists-Territories for Umbria, 5 Mixed Group, 2 M5s, 1 League, 1 Forza Italy, 1 Fdi.