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Aden .. Redeployment of coalition forces under the leadership of Saudi Arabia


The leadership of the Saudi-Emirati coalition announced the "repositioning" of its forces in Aden, south of Yemen, to be led by Saudi Arabia, and its redeployment "according to the requirements of current operations", following the withdrawal of the UAE forces from important areas in the city.

According to a statement issued by the official Saudi Press Agency on Sunday, the announcement of the coalition leadership "within the framework of its ongoing efforts to coordinate the plans of military and security operations in Yemen and strengthen humanitarian and relief efforts, in addition to strengthening efforts to secure waterways adjacent to the Yemeni coast in general, and the fight against terrorism on the entire territory of Yemen." .

"The Coalition Command commends all the efforts made by all forces, particularly the UAE forces, and contributed to the success of the plans prepared to carry out operational tasks efficiently and competently," the statement said.

Abu Dhabi has withdrawn some of its forces from different parts of Yemen during the last period. A Yemeni official told Al Jazeera in mid-September that Saudi forces had received the entire Aden airport on Tuesday from Emirati forces who began withdrawing from several key areas of the southern city and the country's temporary capital.

The Yemeni official said that arrangements are under way to redeploy Saudi forces to locations in Aden instead of UAE forces.

The alliance's statement follows the announcement in Riyadh that the Yemeni government had reached an agreement with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council for power-sharing and the return of the government to the interim capital Aden, an agreement criticized by Yemen's interior and transport ministers.

Yemeni Transport Minister Saleh al-Jibwani said in new statements that his country is being "plotted to dismember, destroy and destroy its capabilities."

He said in a speech during a meeting in the province of Shabwa that the Yemenis "will not accept any extraneous projects supported by a military force, and we will be with Shabwa to the last drop of our blood."

Al-Jabwani called for a line up in Shabwa alongside the state of law and order, and not to contest the power.

Source: aljazeera

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