The incident happened on October 13, 2019 during the last trip on VL's line 21 towards Skultuna. According to the bus driver, everything should start when four young people get on the bus. Two of them refuse to show the ticket, but when a resource comes up they choose to show the tickets. According to the report, the driver is unsure if all young people belong to the same group.

Drivers and passengers begin to cough

The bus rolls away and after a while two of the youngsters get off the bus. The tour continues, but when the bus arrives at the Åby bus stop, the other two youngsters will have to spray some kind of gas.

"At the moment we do not know what it was for spray, but we suspect it is about tear gas," says Peter Beckman, traffic manager at Svealand traffic.

The driver began to cough and get tears in his eyes, but also had to sweat in his eyes and throat. A passenger also started coughing. Then the driver should have stopped the bus to take some fresh air. After some if and but, according to the report, the driver has passed on to the final station. After that, the driver has been pushed to the emergency room and admitted for observation.

- The incident is reported to the police and the young people we have on film from the bus, says Peter Beckman,