US automaker GM strike finally converges in 40 days October 26 10:03

The strike that had been running since the 15th of last month at GM = General Motors, a major American automaker, has finally converged on the 25th. The union side said it won the employee's treatment, but it was a 40-day strike that caused significant damage to both labor and management.

UAW = National Automobile Union, which unites GM = General Motors trade union, announced that it will end the strike on the 25th.

According to the announcement by GM, the company will spend a new $ 7.7 billion and over ¥ 800 billion in Japanese yen to make new investments in existing factories and raise wages for employees.

Among them, the Hamtramuk factory in the north of Detroit, which the company announced that will close soon, will continue to operate, and it is said that EV = electric vehicle pickup truck will be newly produced here.

The GM strike that began on the 15th of last month in response to company policy such as employee reduction and factory closure lasted for 40 days, and according to local media, it was the second longest after “67 days” in 1970. have become.

During this time, the company reported a loss of more than 200 billion yen in Japanese yen, but the employee's income was also significantly reduced, and the local economy is expected to have a serious impact.