The sale of a t-shirt that incites violence against women in a supermarket of the Carrefour group in Rome, which has withdrawn the product and opened an investigation, has generated outrage in Italy.

In the shirt two images are seen: in one of them a woman appears shouting at a man and underneath the word "problem" is read in English and, in the other, the man throws the woman into a vacuum and reads "problem solved ".

The protest began in social networks when some parliamentarians of the Democratic Party (PD) denounced the sale of the shirt.

"I just saw this t-shirt for sale in Carrefour. If a woman talks too much, do you better get rid of her? Does the company accept this message? Very serious, especially in a country where violence against women is news every day. Either they clarify it or I will have to throw my card (from the supermarket) ", wrote the deputy of the PD Monica Cirinnà.

Criticisms also came from Italian Family Minister Elena Bonetti, who on Facebook lamented that "shirts like this are for sale everywhere on the web, in Italy and elsewhere, as proof of an unacceptable culture and rampant violence against women. It is a difficult battle that we will win only if we can face it together. "

The president of the parliamentary commission on femicides, Valeria Fedeli, denounced the seriousness of the sale of these shirts and recalled that in Italy "a woman is murdered every 72 hours." "The marketing of a tragedy of this size is intolerable," he added.

He requested the immediate interruption of sales and production: "The Skytshirt company stopped production immediately and Carrefour Italia immediately withdrew the product from its stores."

The newspaper La Repubblica published Carrefour's reaction, which said that "only two of those shirts were sold in a single supermarket in Rome" and that "it was a mistake, because that product had already been removed months ago."

He added that an internal investigation has been opened to see why those two shirts have been put up for sale today, even though they had retired on Friday, after a social media complaint.

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