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Police move the container where the bodies were discovered in Grays, Essex, October 23, 2019. REUTERS / Hannah McKay

In the UK, the investigation continues three days after the discovery of 39 bodies in a truck. On Saturday, October 26, the police announced that the driver of the heavy weight was charged in particular for manslaughter. Three other people are still in custody.

Maurice Robinson, 25, of Northern Ireland, is being prosecuted for 39 unintentional killings, trafficking in human beings, illegal immigration and money laundering.

Arrested shortly after the discovery of the refrigerated truck on Wednesday in an industrial area of ​​about thirty London, it must be brought to court in Chemlsford Monday.

The investigators started the long work to determine the identity of the victims. After initially indicating that she thought the 31 men and 8 women found dead were Chinese nationals , doubts arose after several Vietnamese families expressed their fears that some of their relatives were among the victims.

The Vietnamese ambassador went on Saturday to meet with local authorities and police. Twenty Vietnamese could be among the victims. Many of them may be from central Vietnam, a region from which many migrants travel abroad in the hope of a better life.

Many pass through Russia or China, with false papers. This dangerous journey can cost them up to the equivalent of 36,000 euros, a fortune in Vietnam where the average income does not exceed 2,000 euros per year.

They often seek to join the UK to work in nail bars or illegal cannabis farms, hoping to make quick money.

(With AFP)