Can Turkey still be a NATO member in view of the military offensive in Syria? The SPD faction leader questions this: "Everyone has to check for themselves whether they still can and want to be part of NATO." This also and especially for Turkey, "said Rolf Mützenich the newspapers of the Funke media group . The members of NATO not only committed themselves to sharing values, but also respecting international law. "The invasion of the Turkish forces in northern Syria is by no means covered by the law of self-defense, and my doubts about Turkey have grown - not only since the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missiles."

Mützenich said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg needed to assess the consequences of the military offensive in northern Syria for NATO's role in NATO: "There is a big job to be done by the Secretary General of NATO Turkey's reliability. "

At the same time Mützenich spoke out for a complete arms export stop. "EU leaders have agreed not to grant further permits for arms exports to Turkey, and I believe a Europe-wide arms embargo on Turkey is needed." The customs union with Turkey is also under scrutiny. Like Mützenicht, SPD leader Malu Dreyer spoke out in favor of economic sanctions should the government in Ankara not give in.

Turkey invaded Syria more than two weeks ago to oust the YPG Kurdish militia it considered a terrorist organization. In parallel, the US troops allied with the Kurds moved out of the area. On Tuesday evening, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin had agreed in Sochi on another withdrawal of the YPG from the border areas and joint control of the region.