Mt. Kongo Tourist Facility Removal Issue Notice from North Korea to Consult with South Korea 25 October at 16:32

The South Korean government has revealed that North Korea has sent a notice requesting consultations regarding the removal of the scenic site of Mount Kumgang (Kongo), which the North and South jointly promoted tourism. As North Korea shows a harsh attitude towards South Korea, it will be noticed how the request for this talk will affect the North-South relationship.

North Korea ’s state-owned media, Kim Jong-eun, Chairman of the Korean Labor Party, visited Mt. Kumgang, a scenic spot where Korea and the tourism business were promoted jointly with South Korea. I told them to remove it.

In this connection, the South Korean unification ministry revealed that the North Korean side sent a notice requesting consultations regarding the removal of the facility on the morning of the 25th.

The Ministry of Unification, after discussing with related organizations, will respond actively under the policy of giving top priority to the protection of Korean citizens' property rights.

This time, North Korea has called for consultations, and while it is pointed out that contact between the North and South authorities is likely to proceed, North Korea insists on consultations in the form of exchanging documents. Some say that they are trying to avoid talking.

North Korea, in this month ’s Pyongyang ’s Asian World Qualifiers against South and North Korea ’s Asian team ’s qualifying, did not accept media and cheering teams. It will be noted how it affects the relationship.