In total, the Gothenburg Art Museum displays eight works of art by the well-known artist in the Picasso room on floor five, but the question is whether or not the "Acrobat Family" is one of the favorites. The hall where the exhibition is shown is immersed in semi-darkness so as not to damage the artwork. The sound echoes like in a church and it becomes almost a solemn atmosphere in the room.

- It is one of our icon works in the collection, says Eva Nygårds. We have said that it does not really travel very much because it is a very sensitive work.

But in connection with a renovation, the painting was given a trip in each case. The famous blackboard with the gymnastic family came this time to both France and Switzerland. It is painted partly with watercolor, watercolor and partly with ink. The substrate is cardboard. The experts also found a sketch on the back of the board, which is probably a rehearsal for something else of Picasso's artwork.

From blue to pink to cube

Pablo Picasso was born on October 25, 1881 in Málaga, Spain. He began his career with melancholy, the blue period, continued in a lighter and more positive style, followed by the pink period and then switched to cubism with Georges Braque and became one of the world's most famous artists.

- This is one of the first works he does in the pink period. He begins the pink period with a series of eight works which he exhibits at the Galeries Serrurier in Paris in February 1905 and our work "Acrobat Family" is one of these eight works where he just portrays an acrobat family in rather mundane situations behind the scenes, says Eva Nygårds, curator of the Gothenburg Art Museum.

SVT: "What do you think the board is worth?"

- We never talk about values ​​in such contexts, says Eva Nygårds. For us it is invaluable, it is an iconic piece that we would not have the opportunity to acquire for the museum today, so we are very happy that it came into our collection in 1922.

The exhibition begins to be shown to the public on Saturday, October 26.