Erfurt (AP) - Two days before the state election in Thuringia CDU top candidate Mike Mohring has described the political climate in the country as split. "A new government has exactly this task: keeping the country together," said Mohring in the ZDF "Morgenmagazin".

It should not be allowed to win "fear and hatred and intimidation". Mohring had announced a murder threat a few days ago. Right-wing extremists have asked him to stop his election campaign and threatened him, he said. Even the top candidate of the Greens in the Thuringian state election campaign, Dirk Adams, was threatened by right-wing extremists.

Mohring said on ZDF, one must look forward in Thuringia together. One has to be careful that "we overcome the division, that we build bridges".

More than 1.7 million Thuringians are called on Sunday to vote with their votes on the composition of the next state parliament. According to polls, it could be scarce for the current coalition government of Left, SPD and Greens.