24 October 2019 15 precautionary custody orders were issued by the Ragusa State Police, which were part of a mafia-type criminal association called "stidda" or star, which traded in plastic recycling. Pre-emptive seizures of companies in the sector are underway on behalf of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Public Prosecutor of Catania.

Among the alleged crimes there are the plagiarized extortion, the illicit competition with threats, the aggravated injuries, the receiving, the detention, the carrying of firearms and the damage followed by fire.

Among the 15 arrested there is Claudio Carbonaro of Vittoria who confessed to murder, then a collaborator of justice and returned to freedom 4 years ago, at the end of the protection program. Carbonaro, according to the indictment, was reorganizing the clan but with a different 'cut', less bloodthirsty and more entrepreneurial, focusing on the disposal of plastic from greenhouses. Giovanni and Raffaele Donzelli, father and son, owners of the Sidi company were also in handcuffs.

The investigations, delegated by the Catania District Attorney's office, were taken in 2014 after a seizure, made in Rome by the Flying Squad, of shoes produced with materials harmful to health. At the time it was assumed, by investigators, the existence of an organization that traded in plastic waste, taken from collection and storage companies, which were based in the provinces of Ragusa and Catania and then exported to China. Here, according to the magistrates, they were used to make shoes, then imported into Italy and put on sale while containing toxic substances.