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Maximum security, not a photo out of control and a family entourage with no option to receive acts of support. So the acting Government of Pedro Sánchez wants the historic day today, the day that Francisco Franco , almost 44 years after his burial, will be exhumed from the Valley of the Fallen and then buried in the cemetery of El Pardo-Mingorrubio, after being transferred by helicopter . Here we tell you minute by minute.

11.05 h.

The PP is silent today about the exhumation of Franco. "We have been told not to give importance to the issue of Franco and not enter , that does not seem important when it is already overcome," says a leading territorial leader of the party, reports Juanma Lamet .

11.05 h.

In the Valley of the Fallen could not miss Pilar Gutierrez Vallejo , the most Francoist woman in Spain. Photo: Sergio González.

11.02 h.

Family members of the Franco family accompanied by the prior of the Basilica of the Valley of the Fallen, Santiago Cantera, access the temple. Photo: Efe.

11.00 H.

The helicopters will arrive in the next few minutes to the Valley of the Fallen, Marisol Hernández tells us the last minute.

10.57 H.

The process of exhumation in the tomb of Francisco Franco has already begun, reports Marisol Hernández.

10.56 H.

More on the indications of the Government on the use of the Franco's flag and symbols by Franco's relatives. If the family wanted to use any symbol inside the Mingorubian pantheon, already in the private sphere, the Government has said it would have nothing to say about it, says Marisol Hernández.

10.55 a.m.

The prior of the Valley of the Fallen has denounced before the Pope that Franco's exhumation does not respect "the inviolability" of the basilica.

10.53 h.

Santiago Cantera (center), prior of the Basilica of the Valley of the Fallen greets the relatives of Francisco Franco before the exhumation of the Spanish dictator in the mausoleum of the Valley of the Fallen in San Lorenzo del Escorial. Photo: Afp


First cheers to the dictator. Many of the concentrated Francoists hoped to be able to access the same cemetery of El Pardo Mingorrubio to attend the Mass in which only the family will be able to participate, and have shown their anger at being prevented by the security forces that monitor access. Photo: Reuters

10.46 h.

The family was informed, in conversations with the Government that the use of flags or other symbols was not allowed , in the process of exhumation in the Valley and transfer of the coffin to the cemetery, reports Marisol Hernández .

10.44 a.m.

The secretary general of the UGT, José María Álvarez, has labeled "historical" the exhumation of the remains of the dictator Francisco Franco, although he stressed that "much remains to be done" for reconciliation among Spaniards, reports Europa Press.

10.39 h.

Minister Dolores Delgado will be present at the religious ceremony in the Mingorubian crypt. Being a corporate mass in sepult must attest to the act until the burial itself . Once she is underground, she can leave the crypt, reports Rafael J. Álvarez . Ramón Tejero, the son of the coup Tejero will officiate the Mass.

10.37 h.

A total of 22 Franco's relatives will be found in the Valley of the Fallen. Only two, Cristóbal and Merry Martínez de Bordiú Franco will be the direct witnesses of Franco's exhumation.

10.35 a.m.

Vox is totally against Franco's exhumation and recriminates Pedro Sánchez to mount an "electoral act" and "propaganda" with the decision to remove him from the Valley of the Fallen against the judgment of the dictator's family. The secretary general of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, has accused the left of "wanting to" return "to the burning of the churches" or "desecration of the tombs of the nuns," reports Álvaro Carvajal .

10.34 h.

Photo album of the historical day of the exhumation of the dictator Francisco Franco.

10.33 h.

About thirty Francoists begin to concentrate near Mingorrubio and the first cheers are heard from the dictator, reports Europa Press. Numerous crowns and flowers are coming to the town of Fuencarral district.

10.31 h.

One of the banners displayed. Ana Mª Ortiz informs.

10.28 h.

More of the retired colonel.

10.24 h.

Lorenzo Fernández Navarro , retiring infantry colonel. He is in his car outside the security perimeter, on the other side of the road that leads to the Valley, with the anthem of the Civil Guard at full volume. "I have been here since six in the morning to attest to my loyalty to Franco," Ana Mª Ortiz reports.

10.24 h.

If conditions permit, the helicopters will land next to the esplanade of the Valley from 11:00. From that moment, the final decision of the transfer will be taken taking into account the time. The helicopter transfer is the first option, but until the end of the exhumation we will not know with certainty the conditions , reports Marisol Hernández .

10.20 a.m.

The flag that Francis Franco carries today for exhumation is the same with which the coffin was covered at the funeral on November 23, 1975, reports Emilia Landaluce.

10.16 h.

Ramón Tejero arrives, the priest son of the coupist Antonio Tejero, who will officiate a religious ceremony in Mingorrubio, reports Rafael J. Álvarez . Photo. Angel Navarrete

10.11 h.

Exaltation banners to the dictator at the entrance of the Valley of the Fallen. Photo: Efe.

10.09 a.m.

The flag that Francis Franco carries is the same with which the coffin was covered at the funeral on November 23, 1975 , Ana Mª Ortiz and Emilia Landaluce report. Photo: Antonio Heredia

10.07 h.

The Galician & Rey vignette.

10.03 h.

Six vans have moved to the Mingorrubio cemetery a dozen crowns of flowers, almost all reddish, with messages from several Spanish cities and regions for the dictator like "Barcelona with Franco always" , "Valencia with the Generalissimo" or "Malaga do not you forget, captain, " reports Efe.

09.56 a.m.

The leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, also believes that it is the "time to talk about the problems of Spain", in a television interview.

09.52 h.

After the insults and threats to the marbleists, who today will lift the slab of 1,500 kilos under which Franco has remained 43 years and 335 days, the City Council of Villamayor de Santiago, in Cuenca, supports his work "responsible and with respect", reports Efe

09.47 h.

The minibuses of the Franco family arrive at the door of the Valley. They have advanced ahead of schedule in the program established by the Government.

09.46 h.

The Franco minibus on the M-30 towards the Sierra de Guadarrama, where the Valley is. Photo by Emilia Landaluce .

09.45 a.m.

In a few minutes, the undersecretary of the Ministry of the Presidency, Antonio Hidalgo, goes up to the esplanade of the Valley, reports Marisol Hernández . The general secretary of the Presidency of the Government, Felix Bolaños. "Happy, go Bolaños." In an instant, the Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado.

09.44 a.m.

Cavalry Police units, civil guards with dogs through the surrounding forest, cars of the secret entering and leaving the vicinity of the cemetery ... Huge police presence in Mingorrubio , reports Rafael J. Álvarez from there.

09.33 h.

Message of the PP in networks for those who want to read between the lines in this historic day in which the mortal remains of the dictator Francisco Franco are taken from the monument of the Valley of the Fallen, where the remains of 33,833 people, from both sides of the city, are also buried. contest. "Past or present?" the popular people ask today.

09.26 h.

The Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, who is already on the grounds of the Valley of the Fallen, together with the authorities designated for exhumation, will go up to the esplanade and access the basilica, reports Marisol Hernández.

09.25 h.

Franco's eldest grandson, Francis Franco, attends the media as he leaves his home in Madrid, holding the pre-constitutional flag. Photo. Antonio Heredia

09.23 h.

Ricardo's vignette.

09.21 h.

Iglesias asks that no one be credited for the exhumation of Franco

09.18 h.

Recommended reading: Franco, between law and politics, of Plácido Fernández-Viagas , doctor of Political Science, magistrate and lawyer of the Legislative Assembly.

09.12 h.

An example of how security is extreme. Enter a truck with a food order. It is checked and only the driver is allowed to enter because the other employee lacks documentation, reports from the Ana María Ortiz Valley .

09.10 h.

The secretary of Organization, José Luis Ábalos, in the letter sent to the leaders of the PSOE, encourages to honor today the victims of the Civil War "through offerings of flowers or crowns of red roses to deposit somewhere emblematic", Europa Press reports.

09.06 h.

The president of the acting Government, Pedro Sánchez, has cleared his agenda of public events throughout the process of exhumation, transfer and subsequent reinhumation of the remains of Francisco Franco, reports Europa Press.

09.04 h.

Two people have placed a pre-constitutional flag and a wreath at the entrance of the Franco family's home in Madrid. Photo: Antonio Heredia

08.59 h.

On this historic day, at 12 noon (when Franco's remains must be transferred to the Mingorrubio cemetery), the PSOE will hold tributes in memory of the victims of the Civil War, just like the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Abalos, has requested it by letter to leaders of his party.

08.58 h.

At 09.00 the arrival of law authorities is expected to be present at the exhumation: Minister of Justice Dolores Delgado , as a notary major of the Kingdom, and as witnesses, Felix Bolaños , general secretary of the Presidency of the Government, and Antonio Hidalgo , Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Presidency, reports Ana María Ortiz.

08.55 h.

Francisco Franco's descendants all carry ties with the Spanish flag on their chest, reports Emilia Landaluce.

08.54 h.

Reuters photo.

08.51 h.

Several people have approached the door of the enclosure and tried to display a banner. The Civil Guard has prevented it and asked them to move away from the entrance. It has not been possible to read what the banner said, reports from Cuelgamuros Ana María Ortiz.

08.50 h.

"The Franco have just left their home," reports Emilia Landaluce. They move to the Valley of the Fallen, in El Escorial, by minibus.

08.50 h.

During her interview on the Ser network , the vice president said they are turning to what should be done from now on with the Valley of the Fallen. In his opinion "a place of forgiveness, peace and justice for all , basically those were the words of Azana."

08.48 h.

According to the Executive's number two, this is not "involved in the electoral campaign", "it has nothing to do with the campaign", as it has affected the Government, Pablo Iglesias, but with "the duty" that "we felt of opening a honorable space in the history of Spanish democracy itself. " Therefore, he explained, they have not waited after the general elections of November 10 and they do it "the first possible day after the Supreme has been released," reports Marisol Hernández .

08.46 h.

Vice President Carmen Calvo has reproached the attitude of United We can and has said that "they are portrayed alone," reports Marisol Hernández .

08.44 h.

It is clearing the day with a strong security device on the grounds of the Valley of the Fallen. Photo by Ana María Ortiz .

08.40 h.

Former President Zapatero believes that with today's exhumation "we give a good lesson to the younger generations and it is another step on the road to " reparation for the victims "who suffered the Franco regime .

08.40 h.

"It would be very desirable for the right to reflect. It is simple to say that nobody is interested," said former President Zapatero, who says he will remain very attentive to the events of the day. "A country must internalize what that tragedy was. The exercise was a very hard dictatorship of 40 years," said the Ser network in an interview two hours after the exhumation.

08.38 h.

Ten key points of the Historical Memory Law

08.34 h.

"Today we take a very important leap for a more perfect democracy , " said former government president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero , in an interview on the Ser network.


It has been 43 years and 335 days for the remains of the dictator Francisco Franco to be exhumed from the Valley of the Fallen. Photo: Efe. Today it will be a ceremony "without military honors or flags."

08.25 h.

The marbleists who have denounced insults and threats these days.

08.22 h.

Two hours after the exhumation, tanatopractor Humberto Sepúlveda has entered the Valley of the Fallen, reports Europa Press. Sepúlveda has arrived alongside the operators of Iber Funeraria and the Cuenca Hermanos Verdugo company . The latter will be responsible for removing the slab of 1,500 kilos of granite that covers the burial of the dictator inside the basilica

08.17 h.

"Today is a day of reflection on the coup d'état. There is nothing like complying with the rules. We must reflect deeply what this means for our country and our democracy," said Calvo.

08.13 h.

"The election campaign has nothing to do with us. We have been working for years. It has been done when it has been done, after the unanimous support of the Supreme Court," said Carmen Calvo. "Taking the dictator out of the Valley of the Fallen was a major work space," the vice president reiterated in a brief radio interview.

08.13 h.

The vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo , says that "everything is ready" , in the Ser chain, which confirms the transfer by helicopter "since there are weather conditions."

08.11 h.

08.07 h.

From 6.30 am the Government delegate in Madrid, María Paz García Vega, is in place, reports Efe.

08.03 h.

Before dawn, the stickers had already been removed.

08.00 h.

Yesterday afternoon some exhaltation stickers to the director adhered to the indicator signs. They had already taken off this morning, Rafael J. Álvarez reports.

07.48 h.

This is the life of Christopher and Merry, Franco's least known grandchildren.

07.43 h.

Cristóbal and Merry Martínez Bordiú Franco will be the grandchildren who will be present at Franco's exhumation, reports Emilia Landaluce . "The bravest of the brothers," according to his older brother Francis who will go by helicopter.

07.40 h.

While in Mingorrubio the police presence increases, Rafael J. Álvarez reports from there. At least a fortnight of vans with lights cross the neighborhood towards the cemetery. There are several vans already inside.

07.38 h.

A chronology of how this historic day has been reached.

07.37 h.

Regarding the exhumation, the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has made this reflection very early this morning.

07.35 h.

As for the images of "historical event of global interest that has generated a high demand for information", as the Government has considered, the Spanish Television cameras will be the only ones authorized to record.

07.32 h.

Accredited journalists have risen early today. At 5.00 hours they had to collect their credentials in Moncloa, from where they have been taken in three buses to Cuelgamuros . They will stay at the entrance of the entrance, 6 kilometers from Franco's tomb, to continue the exhumation. They are prohibited from accessing other parts of the Valley of the Fallen and go up to the basilica area.


There are 500 professionals from 150 accredited media to cover exhumation and burial: 92 national or regional and 58 international countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, United States, France, Holland, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Portugal , Qatar, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey and Venezuela, reports Ana María Ortiz

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