• Bad weather: orange alert in Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont and Tuscany
  • Bad weather Lombardy, civil protection: situation in clear improvement
  • Bad weather, Piedmont on its knees: two dead. Alert in Emilia for the flood of the Po
  • Bad weather, night of fear in the Alessandria: flooding landslides and blocked roads
  • Bad weather, Genoa-Milan and Genoa-Turin railway line stops
  • Bad weather: red alert on the center of Liguria, storm and lightning in Genoa and Savona


24 October 2019She works at a fast pace on the Genoa-Ovada railway line, damaged by the landslides of 22 October to allow the re-opening of the section by next Saturday. Almost everywhere, in the areas hit by the last, heavy rainfall, the respite granted by the bad weather is used to remedy the damage, but the bad weather alert for the next hours on Liguria, Piedmont and Lazio remains, while in Campania it is alert for hail and wind.

Liguria, central areas under observation
The weather alert in Liguria persists due to rain. In the central area of ​​the region, from Noli to Portofino and inland from the west, from the Bormida valley to the Stura valley, it will still be orange until midnight today, then yellow until 3 am tomorrow. In the western Liguria the yellow alert, taken at 1pm, continues until 3am tomorrow. In the Levant, from Portofino and inland from the Scrivia valley on the border with Tuscany, it will be yellow until midnight today. "In the central areas of the region - explains Arpal - the degree of saturation of the land, due to the rains of the past few days, has made the territory more vulnerable and therefore greater attention is needed to the occurrence of more intense phenomena". At the moment, following the wave of bad weather that has struck Liguria for some days, the evacuees are 16 in Campoligure, settled immediately, 49 in Rossiglione, also already settled. In the imperiese, in Pigna, the 15 evacuees returned. Even the 4 people who had been evacuated to Murialdo (SV) returned to their homes. The isolated people in the driveway, but with the possibility of moving on foot, are all in the Genoese hinterland and amount to 14 in the Municipality of Campoligure, 4 in the Municipality of Rossiglione. There are 12 isolated families in Sant'Olcese and 3 in Serra Riccò.

Piedmont, still heavy rains
There is an orange alert in the Alessandria area due to the widespread rains that are affecting the whole of Piedmont from late yesterday evening and which should fade out in the night to run out tomorrow morning. All the water levels are currently not worrying, including the Po river, but to be kept under strict surveillance, in particular the Orba and the Bormida. Lake Maggiore is growing, but abundantly below the danger threshold. Two fishermen stranded in Chivasso along the Po river on a gravel islet surrounded by the sudden rise in water level were rescued and rescued by the Turin fire brigade. The two were transported on the embankment by alpine river speleo operators after a short flight.

Lazio, civil protection alerted
"The Regional Functional Center of Lazio has today adopted a criticality notice with an indication that from the afternoon of today, Thursday 24 October, and for the following 12 hours, hydrogeological criticalities are expected for orange-coded storms on the coastal North, Rome and coastal basins southern yellow code on the Middle Tiber, the Apennines of Rieti, Aniene and the Liri basin. The warning of adverse weather conditions issued yesterday remains valid.The permanent operations room of the Lazio Region has therefore issued the alert of the protection system regional civil and invited all the structures to adopt the fulfilments of competence. For every emergency the population will be able to refer to the municipal Civil Protection structures to which the regional operations room will offer constant support ". The Civil Protection of Lazio communicates this in a note. At Fiumicino, Mayor Esterino Montino warns that: '' From today afternoon and for the next 12 hours there will be thunderstorms, even of strong intensity, and strong winds. I therefore urge citizenship to be cautious and to limit travel if possible ''.

Campania, alarm for hail and wind
On Campania Yellow weather alert, starting from 10pm until 10am tomorrow, due to thunderstorms with hailstorms and gusts of wind. The Regional Civil Protection has issued the bulletin concerning zone 1 (Piana Campana, Naples, Islands, Area Vesuviana) and zone 3 (Penisola Sorrentino-Amalfitana, Monti di Sarno and Monti Picentini). "Precipitation to a possible reverse or temporal character, even intense, is expected, especially on the municipalities of the coastal strip and on the islands". Wind gusts are also possible during thunderstorms. Storms will be characterized by forecast uncertainty and rapid evolution, with consequent possible damage to roofs and temporary structures due to gusts of wind, lightning strikes, possible hailstorms and falling branches or trees. Among the main scenarios of the effect of ground precipitation and therefore connected to the hydrogeological risk for thunderstorms, there are "surface run-offs with possible phenomena of transport of material; flooding of underground rooms and those on the ground floor; superficial flow of water in roadways and possible regurgitation phenomena of meteoric water disposal systems with overflow and involvement of depressed urban areas, occasional superficial landslides linked to particularly fragile hydrogeological conditions, in basins of limited dimensions ". The Civil Protection of the Campania Region recommends the competent authorities to "put in place all the measures necessary to prevent and combat the phenomena expected, both with regard to the hydro-geological risk connected to thunderstorms and to the correct keeping of the structures exposed to the stresses of the winds and wave motion ".