Taiwan's media reported Tuesday that Hong Kong's authorities are likely to have an artificial intelligence (AI) facial recognition system that can track the protesters.

A free time signal was quoted by Bloomberg News on the 23rd (local time). Hong Kong police introduced the AI ​​face recognition system of Australia's iOmniscient three years ago to recognize human faces and license plates using CCTV. Reported.

But it is unclear whether the system was used to arrest protesters against Hong Kong's Criminal Extradition Act.

The newspaper explained that the Australian company's system is an intelligent surveillance system that incorporates software technology that can be used in traffic violations such as finding missing children, arresting arrests and speeding.

Meanwhile, Eric Rai, deputy leader of the Civil Rights Declaration, a late night organization, said Hong Kong's government has recently strengthened its surveillance and control to suppress protests in the Free Asian Broadcasting (RFA). We urged the release of information.

He also argued that the facial recognition system would have increased the number of arresters through the expansion of smart streetlights and the ban on masking.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)