According to him, the Batsiev brothers had long wanted to capture the Novosyolovsky SEC, but received a "legal rebuff" and "decided to take up arms."

“And yesterday morning the Batsievs came to our village and began to threaten Vasily. They said that they will rule everything, and they are a gang. But they were told, “Get out of here,” and then in the evening they decided to kill him, ”said Dakishvili’s assistant.

According to the man, the Batsiyevs ambushed the road.

“They shot at the car, thought it was Chairman Vasily riding in it, and this was driving his brother Zurab with his comrades. They rode on the collective farm "Niva" with tinted windows. The Batsievs started firing and immediately killed two. What a showdown. It was a pure collision and selection of land. They wanted to kill the chairman in order to take over the land, ”he said.

He also claims that Dakishvili was unarmed.

On October 22, five people died as a result of a shootout in the Rostov Region, and two more were injured. According to police, the firing was opened by residents of one of the farms in the region, which clashed over a cattle grazing plot.

The suspect in the case is detained.