In Stockholm, housing construction is down by around ten percent. In Östergötland, the corresponding figure is seven percent.
This shows a new business cycle report from the organization Sweden's construction industries.

"The cheese link is not just a railway"

Overall, however, construction does not go down in Östergötland. Construction is believed to remain at the same level as today. Schools, preschools, swimming pools and premises are still being built, plus everything linked to the Ostlänk railway project.

- We must remember that the Ostlänk is not just a railway. After all, there will be a lot of roundabout built, says Cecilia Johansson, local manager in Östergötland for Sweden's Construction Industries.

Housing investment in Östergötland is thus expected to fall from the current level of around SEK 10 million during the period up to and including 2020. Local investment instead has a slight increase. The big plus item is capital investment, which is expected to rise by around 15 percent through 2020.

The inner harbor provides a lot of work

Another important project for the construction industry in Östergötland is the redevelopment of the Inner Harbor in Norrköping.

- It is the largest urban development project in Norrköping in a very, very many years. It's about housing, but the construction bit is incredibly big in the Inner Harbor. Parks and new roads will be built, so this is a big and important project for Östergötland, says Cecilia Johansson.