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President Sebastian Piñera has yielded to some demands of protesters such as raising the minimum wage or raising taxes for the richest. REUTERS / POOL / Parker Song

In Chile, after five days of massive protests against the high cost of living and social inequality, the president announced concrete measures on Tuesday (October 22nd), including an increase in pensions and the minimum wage.

With our special correspondent in Santiago, Aude Villiers-Moriamé

Sebastian Piñera spoke to the Chileans Tuesday evening, after the entry into force, for the fourth night in a row, curfew implemented in several cities in Chile. He declares "to have heard " the demands of the demonstrators :

" Today, we met with the presidents of political parties who accepted our invitation to the presidential palace to seek together to contribute to a large national agreement that allows us to set up and with great urgency an important social agenda. "

Revalorization of the minimum wage

The Chilean president has announced a 20% increase in the lowest pensions, a revaluation of the minimum wage, the freezing of electricity rates, lower salaries of parliamentarians, an increase in taxes for the most fortunate. These measures partially meet only the demands of the protesters .

Many Chileans also demand the withdrawal of the army deployed in the big cities. Sebastian Piñera: " As President of Chile, I must not lift the state of emergency until I am certain that public order, tranquility, security of the Chileans, and protection of public and private property will be respected. "

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It remains to be seen how the Chileans will welcome these announcements, after five days of intense mobilization during which protesters regularly called for the resignation of the head of state and a change of Constitution.