The Investigative Committee detained a suspect in the case of the murder of five people in the Rostov region. This is stated on the website of the GU SK in the region. It is noted that law enforcement officers are looking for the remaining participants in the shootout.

“According to the results of investigative and operational-search measures on suspicion of committing a crime, a 39-year-old local resident was detained. Measures are being taken to search for other persons involved in the commission of the crime, ”the agency said.

The UK will demand that the detainee be placed in custody, a TASS spokesman said.

“We intend to file a motion to arrest the suspect. We have two days, ”the source said.

Also, according to RIA Novosti, in addition to the detainee, three more people are wanted.

Earlier, on October 22, in the Oryol region of the Rostov region, firing occurred on the livestock farm of the Chernozubov farm. As a result of the conflict, five people were killed, two more were hospitalized.

According to preliminary information, a dispute arose between local residents over a land for grazing, which turned into a shootout.

At the same time, Interfax, citing a source, informs about two detainees in the framework of this case.

“A few more people were interviewed in this case, but they were not detained,” a source at Interfax noted.

Both victims remain in intensive care, a spokesman for the hospital to which they were hospitalized told RIA Novosti. According to him, one of them is in serious condition, and the other is on average.

"They wanted to take over the land"

Earlier, sources told RT that the conflict occurred between the family of Vasily Dakishvili and the Batsiev brothers. For several years they have been arguing among themselves over pastures - the database of the Oryol District Court has information on 15 lawsuits since 2011.

Vasily Dakishvili heads the Novosyolovsky agricultural production cooperative (SEC), registered at Kamyshevka Farm. The Batsievs in neighboring Chernozubovka are raising sheep.

According to local media, nine people participated in the shootout. Portal 161.RU, citing a person close to the Dakishvili family, claims that Vasily and his comrades-in-arms arrived without weapons, but when the conflict began they took him away from the Batsyevs.

The fact that Dakishvili did not have a weapon with him in a conversation with RT was confirmed by a family representative. According to him, the Batsievs wanted to kill the head of the SEC Vasily in order to take possession of the land.

“They shot at the car, thought it was Chairman Vasily riding in it, and this was driving his brother Zurab with his comrades. They rode on the collective farm "Niva" with tinted windows. The Batsievs started firing and immediately killed two. What a showdown. It was a pure collision and selection of land. They wanted to kill the chairman in order to take over the land, ”the channel’s interlocutor said.

He also said that before the shootout, the Batsiyevs came to Dakishvili.

“Yesterday morning the Batsievs came to our village and began to threaten Vasily. They said that they will lead everything and they are a gang. But they were told: “Get out of here!”, And then in the evening they decided to kill him, ”the representative of the family emphasized.

It is worth noting that according to regional publications, salaries were periodically detained in the SEC "Novosyolovsky". The portal "Big Rostov" in July 2018 reported that the prosecutor's office revealed that the enterprise had salary arrears of more than 1.5 million rubles.

"Land disputes lasted more than one year"

According to the materials of the Oryol District Court, the brothers claimed part of the land belonging to the Dakishvili cooperative. They were also linked by financial relations - in November 2013 they entered into an agreement on a loan of 2.5 million rubles.

Both of these families are Chechen, said in a conversation with RT the head of the representative office of the Chechen Republic in the region, Imran Israilov. According to him, this is not a conflict on a national basis. He also stressed that disputes between these families have never flowed into open conflict.

“Both families are Chechen, and their land disputes lasted more than one year. But it never came to an open conflict. If there was such a threat, we would know about it, we would take action. Levers of influence would be found, ”Israilov noted. “I think in a particular case, there was human incontinence, perhaps someone’s mental problems.”

Israilov also said that the Batsiyevs turned to him a year and a half ago. He explained that according to Dakishvili’s position, the brothers invested land money, and then twice withdrew their investments.

“There were courts. But the court ultimately acquitted Batsiev, the dispute was closed in his favor. Nevertheless, the sediment apparently remained. Dakishvili was not contacted, ”he said.