• Russiagate: Conte writes to Volpi, available to report and congratulates new president Copasir
  • Russiagate, Conte will report to Copasir. Salvini: "Come to Parliament"
  • Russiagate, Renzi: "Conte reports to Copasir on the meeting between our 007s and Barr"


23 October 2019 For an hour Giuseppe Conte will illustrate the six-monthly report on the Services and the perimeter within which the delegated authority will move, but the lighthouse will be focused on the rest of the hearing. The barrage of questions that the opposition will submit to the premier on the so-called 'Russiagate' should last just over half an hour.

At the Copasir the prime minister will clarify the story of the meetings of the US Justice Minister, William Barr, with our 007s. It is by no means excluded that today's one is not the only 'episode'. The party of via Bellerio could in fact ask to acquire documents, and also in the other parties it is not excluded that the meeting can be updated at a subsequent meeting. The League was aiming for a 'hoc' meeting.

The president of the organization, Raffaele Volpi, will ask why the other ministers have not been informed of the Barr talks and of the federal prosecutor John Durham on the Russian interference in the 2016 electoral campaign. And the League will accuse the premier of having exposed the Our Services in a story that could lead the Democrats to demand the convocation of 007. The leader of the Carroccio, Matteo Salvini, pressed by reporters on what he expects Conte to say, replied lapidary: "The truth. I don't know if it's too much to expect , but the truth ".

The position of the Prime Minister has been known for weeks. He asked himself to the president of the Copasir to report, convinced that in the case there were written inaccurate things and that it was only a media fuss. But even in the majority there is no intention to declassify the story. "It must explain, it is a serious, delicate and complex issue. We await the hearing, there could be important international implications", stressed the pentastelled minister Vincenzo Spadafora. The 5-star Movement trusts the action of the prime minister, aims to ensure that the 'Russiagate' is not used to exploit, perhaps using it as an electoral campaign club, but will not make discounts if there should be any important implications. And on the same wavelength the Renzians have also lined up, with the leader of Italy alive who in recent weeks had invited the Chief of the executive to leave the delegation of the Services.

The secretary of the Pd, Zingaretti, while appreciating the dispopnibilità to collaborate and to make clarity of the premier, attacks: "We will listen, but we will not make him discounts". And he added: "We immediately asked that Conte report to the appropriate venue and as soon as the new president of Copasir took office, the date was immediately found. We will listen to what the premier will say before giving an evaluation".

Conte in the last hours spoke of the audition, making it clear that he will not at all avoid the requests that will be made: "Certainly afterwards I will feel more free to talk about it, now let me have the time to plan the confrontation with you, but I am willing to do it immediately" .