Korean Prime Minister “A dialogue with Prime Minister Abe in earnest of dialogue” October 23, 14:57

In response to a reporter interview in Tokyo, Prime Minister Lee Na Kyung, who is visiting Japan, said about a meeting with Prime Minister Abe on the 24th. I hope that the leader and the government can play a role in supporting the relationship between the two countries, ”he said.

South Korea's Prime Minister Lee Na Kyung has been visiting Japan since the 22nd to attend the “Courtesy of the Throne Reunification” and will meet with Prime Minister Abe on the 24th.

On this day, Prime Minister Lee exchanged opinions with Japanese students at a university in Tokyo on the 23rd, and according to the reporter's interview, said, “I want to explain honestly with Prime Minister Abe, and sincerely explain.” .

On that basis, “I don't think there is any opposition to not leaving Korea and Japan as they are. The role of both leaders and governments to support the relationship between the two countries by making the dialogue more serious. "I hope it can be fulfilled."