Prime Minister Abe talks with dignitaries from each country October 23, 12:46


Prime Minister Abe has been meeting with the key figures from each country who attended the ceremonial ceremony of the throne on the 22nd, one after another, and in the morning, he met with the deputy chairman of the state of China, Wang Kishan. It was.

Representatives from 191 countries, regions, and international organizations attended the “Imperial Court of Ceremony” on the 22nd, and Prime Minister Abe meets individually with key personnel from each country.

On the morning of the 23rd, at the guesthouse in Minato-ku, Tokyo, I met with President Harima Jacob from Singapore, King Borchia from Brunei, and President Albi from Pakistan for about 10 to 20 minutes each.

After 11:00 am, I went to a meeting with Chinese Vice President Wang Gishan.

At the meeting, towards the visit to Japan as a state guest of Xi Jinping Jintao, which is next spring schedule, for such relations between the two countries strengthened during the day you will be expected to opinion was signed.

Prime Minister Abe plans to meet with key figures from over 10 countries such as Prime Minister Prayut of Thailand and President Steinmeier of Germany in the afternoon, and will meet with Prime Minister Lee Na Kyung on the 24th. .