"Keep calm and carry on": The British House of Commons can not be pushed - and by Prime Minister Boris Johnsonschon not at all. Actually, MEPs should decide last Saturday about the agreement that Johnson negotiated with the EU. But MEPs forced him to apply for an extension of the EU deadline to consider the deal and the necessary legislation in peace Monday was rejected, but in the third attempt there was still a decision last night: for an agreement, but quietly. The current chapter in the almost endless Brexit story is explained by ZEIT-ONLINE author Peter Stäuber in London in an interview with Christina Felschen.

Two weeks ago, Turkey was engaged in northern Syria - according to many observers and also the federal government in violation of international law. The NATO member country Turkey is fighting there against the Kurds, whose YPG militia classifies them as terrorists. Since then more than 100,000 people have been on the run, many fighters of the terrorist militia "Islamic State", who were held captive by the Kurds, have since erupted. And now German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauerdort proposes an international security zone. This should continue the fight against the IS and enable the rebuilding of the region. Will the defense minister usher in a change of course in German foreign policy? And who should actually be involved in the other protection zone? Michael Thumann, foreign affairs correspondent of the ZEIT and a fellow at the Istanbul Policy Center of the Mercator Foundation, talks with Rita Lauter.

And otherwise? One of the biggest legends of cinematic history comes to an end.

Moderation: Christina Felschen, Rita Lauter
Collaboration: Sophia Hofer

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