Johan Falkenberg was beaten in connection with a Mayfire during election evening in the last year. He was beaten to the ground after walking in between when a youth gang came into conflict with a woman.

On the seized video film used by the police as evidence in the case, one of the municipality's leisure leaders appears. He is later called for questioning.

- He was heard but said he had not seen anything. We called him several times and explained to him that he appears on this film, that "obviously you must have seen, you are in the situation." But no, he maintained that he had not seen anything, says investigator Tobias Becker at the Järfällapolis police.

Said he could no longer remember

The leisure manager admits in the interrogation that he is the one in the middle of the noise, but repeats that he did not see what happened:

“It was a stressful situation. You just go in and stop and don't think about who it is. "

Another person who no longer works as a recreational leader names in interrogation one of the guys standing and screaming at Johan when he is hit to the ground. It is he who is suspected of being responsible for the most serious violence and for having struck several fist bumps from behind.

But the then leisure manager does not want to participate in the investigation. It will create problems for him, he explains in interrogation. When called to court, he no longer remembers who screamed.

- The municipality thus has employees who, when something like this happens, choose to protect those who do something. It is completely absurd, they are there for the exact opposite, says Johan Falkenberg.

"It's problematic"

The man explains to Mission Review that he didn't really want to testify, that he didn't want to risk anything - and that he felt more with himself than with the one who was abused.

- If you don't testify because of fear, that's problematic. Giant Seriously. So we don't want it, that's not what you should stand for if you work with the municipality's jacket on. Absolutely not, says Rafif Makboul Kaleem, head of unit responsible for security and prevention in Upplands Bro municipality.

In the investigation of the abuse there are further examples of rescued municipal employees. A security guard tells us that he had previously been harassed by the same gang, and among other things had the tires on the car punctured. But he does not have a police report.

- When you become employed as a security guard, it is very clear how you work with the police and the social services, that you have to share information that is relevant - it is clear to everyone. We can never let fear rule because then we contribute to this culture of silence or fear. We do not want that society, says Rafif Makboul Kaleem.

The report "Silent witnesses" will be sent on Wednesday 23 October. You can watch it on SVT Play or 8pm in SVT1.