• Mafia Capital: confiscated goods for millions of euros in Carminati, Buzzi & co
  • Mafia Capital. Review says 'no' under house arrest for Buzzi


May 21, 2018Twenty deferments to the trial and a sentence of one year in short. This is what was decided by the GUP of Rome, Monica Ciancio in one of the strands of the inquiry into the Middle World.

A trial, which will begin next September 19, among others for the former leader of the Democratic Party in Campidoglio, Francesco D'Ausilio and the former general director of Ama, Giovanni Fiscon and the Ras delle Coop Salvatore Buzzi. Various episodes were disputed, between 2011 and 2014, of corruption, auction rigging, disclosure of official secrecy and illegal financing. The conviction concerns Emilio Gammuto, a collaborator of Buzzi, to whom three years have already been inflicted in the main vein. The entrepreneur Fabrizio Amore and Flavio Ciambella, Fabio Tancredi, former director of the 10th Environmental Protection Department and of the Green Civil Protection of Rome, are also involved in the survey.

Also on trial was Nadia Cerrito, a former Buzzi collaborator, Clelia Logorelli, as manager in charge of the green sector of Eur spa, Giampaolo Cosimo De Pascali, a Carabinieri officer and at the time of the incidents in service at the Central Superintendency of Security Services Management Office , the president of the 'Capodarco' cooperative Maurizio Marotta. For the former mayor of Sant'Oreste, Sergio Menichelli and Raniero Lucci (a Buzzi collaborator) and Marco Placidi (the Sant'Oreste common technical office), the judge ordered the transmission of the deeds to the Tivoli Public Prosecutor's office.