• Middle world, twenty indictments and a sentence
  • Mondo di Mezzo, Gabrielli: certain corruption is like the mafia, the crime should be changed
  • 'Mondo di Mezzo', the prosecutor: Carminati sentenced to 26 and a half years and Buzzi to 25 years and 9 months
  • 'Middle world', asked for 21 Carminati trial. No accuses mafia association


11 September 2018It is scheduled for today in the Rebibbia bunker hall, except for sensational program changes, the sentence of the appeal process to the Middle World, with 43 defendants, including the 'excellent' inmates Massimo Carminati, former right-wing extremist , Salvatore Buzzi, the president of the '29 June 'cooperative. The third court of appeal of Rome (president Claudio Tortora) entered the council chamber immediately after having exhausted the appeal of the defendants and the parties present in the courtroom and having taken note that the public prosecution (represented by the deputy general prosecutors Pietro Catalani and Antonio Sensale, to whom the prosecutor Luca Tescaroli and the added Giuseppe Cascini were applied) do not intend to reply to the interventions of the defenses that were concluded last July. The sentence should arrive in the early afternoon.

In the first place, the prosecution asked to overturn the decision of the first degree recognizing the existence of a mafia-type criminal association. In July 2017, on the other hand, the existence of two "simple" criminal associations that had their points of reference in Carminati and Buzzi was recognized. For the former Nar the prosecutor asked for a sentence of 26 and a half years and for Buzzi he asked for 25 years and 9 months. At first instance the two alleged chieftains were sentenced to 20 and 19 years respectively. In total, requests for convictions were renewed for 430 years against the defendants, including 19 accused of mafia-type association.