• Turin. Fire destroyed at the Cavallerizza in Turin, part of the roof collapsed


October 23, 2019A night of fire with several large fires on the coast of the province of Oristano where it was necessary to evacuate almost three hundred people. The most serious situation in Arborea, here the flames attacked the pine forest and threatened the Ala Birdi - Horse Country resort. Around midnight the 238 guests of the complex were evacuated and transferred to the town's municipal gym. Thirty other people were evacuated around one in the morning by Bosa marina where the flames lapped the houses of the township.

Only around three o'clock the front of the fire was stopped, while it continues to advance in the area of ​​Capo Marrargiu between Bosa and Alghero, an oasis of great naturalistic value where one of the last colonies of griffins of Sardinia is found and where they are already invested with flames almost 250 hectares. Employed at the first light of dawn at least four Canadair and two helicopters. In both Municipalities the civil protection coordination centers have been activated