Cryptographic asset “Libra” “Not issued until approval” CEO October 24 at 6:47


For the cryptocurrency Libra, which Facebook plans to issue, Zuckerberg CEO will testify at the US Congress hearing that it will not issue until it is approved by the regulatory authorities and realize the concept In fact, the idea of ​​postponing was shown.

Facebook plans to issue cryptocurrency asset `` Libra '' as a `` new digital currency '' aiming for the first half of next year, but regulators in each country are strongly concerned about measures against personal data protection and money laundering etc. Is shown.

In response, CEO Zuckerberg testified at the hearing of the US House of Representatives on the 23rd, stating that "it will not be involved in issuing Libra anywhere in the world until it is approved by US regulators." The idea of ​​deferring the realization of the concept was shown.

There have been cases in which a large amount of personal data has been leaked in the past over Facebook, and law enforcement agencies in 47 states and regions throughout the United States are investigating whether exclusive competition is being used to prevent proper competition This background also seems to have led to a skeptical view of Libra.