As pork prices soar due to African swine fever, demand for dog and rabbit meat is increasing in China.

Hong Kong's South China Morning Post reported that "Chinese's most popular meat, pork, is in short supply and Chinese are looking for alternative meat, including dog meat and rabbit meat."

In particular, the demand for other meats, such as dog meat and rabbit meat, instead of expensive pork, is growing in small cities and rural areas where income levels are low.

According to the South China Morning Post, a restaurant in Wan'an County, Jiangxi Province, has recently begun to treat dog meat instead of pork.

An employee at the restaurant explained that dog food was recommended, with few customers looking for pork dishes due to the skyrocketing prices.

A supermarket in Wanan County has a rabbit meat promotion event.

This is because the price of pork has jumped 72-74 yuan per kilogram more than twice a year ago.