• Gdf, evasion of luxury cars: 835 scammed in Italy
  • Diamond scam: Gdf seizes 700 million euros. Also involved VIPs, including Vasco Rossi
  • GdF discovers maxi international fraud: false invoices for 108 million euros


October 23, 2019 Failed corporate communications by a listed company and market manipulation: these are the accusations against the top management of an important Bolognese company listed on the stock exchange and operating in the bioplastics sector. Three personal precautionary measures issued by the magistrate of Bologna that the Guardia di Finanza is carrying out against as many subjects, top figures of the company. The seizure of assets for a total of 150 million is also in progress, equal to the value of the profit of the crimes committed.

The financiers of the Provincial Command of Bologna are also performing several searches in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Lazio. The details of the operation will be announced at a press conference to the Gdf provincial command in the presence of the Bologna attorney Giuseppe Amato.