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A Peruvian restaurant was fined for offering a menu with no price only to female guests.

Foreign media, including the Associated Press and Peruvian daily El Comercio, reported on La Rosa Nautica, a sexually-disputed restaurant on Wednesday.

This restaurant, known as a gourmet restaurant, has been given a blue menu with food prices for men and a yellow menu for women with no price for men and women.

When a Peruvian consumer group raised the issue, the restaurant explained, "It allowed women to enjoy romantic meals without worrying about prices."

But the restaurant's claim was not accepted. The authorities judged this practice to be clear sex discrimination and fined 210,000 sol and about 74 million won in our money.

In addition, authorities have been ordered to provide restaurants and men with the same menu immediately, and to provide notice that they will not tolerate discrimination.

An official from the Peruvian National Competitive Freedom Guard said in an interview with the Associated Press that "it may seem trivial, but it can eventually strengthen gender differences and become the basis for male superiority thinking."

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