At the microphone of Philippe Vandel, two leaders of start-ups explain their plans to revolutionize the world of conventional media.


Classic media in the viewfinder of start-ups. Young companies are more and more numerous today to bet on the press, with ambition to revolutionize the universe of the classic media. Alois Bazin de Jessey, CEO of Pressmium, and Léonore de Roquefeuil, Executive Director of Voxe were the guests of Philippe Vandel, Wednesday morning, to present their two initiatives.

"Netflix of the press"

The brand new Pressmium website offers unlimited access for media articles of 12.90 euros per month. A sort of "Netflix of the press", defines Alois Bazin de Jessey, which brings together some forty French titles, such as L'Equipe, L'Opinion and Marianne, and foreigners, notably the British daily newspaper The Guardian. "Today, we need several apps to be well informed.What we want is to offer our users easy access to the press, as it already exists for video," said the young boss.

Robot info

As for Voxe, this time is not a platform but a "chatbot", "robot that speaks" in French. Via Messenger, Facebook's instant messenger, users can ask him questions about the news. "Of course, there are human beings behind," says Léonore de Roquefeuil. "Voxe works on the same model as the books you are the hero, and users choose their information interactively, from human-written content." A young media for young people: 70% of users are between 24 and 28 years old, says the executive director.

"We re-invented information with digital," she says. Jessey's Alois Bazin adds, "We want to show that giants of the press can emerge in Europe and France." Today, their challenge is to convince new investors to follow them.