The prior of the Valley of the Fallen, Santiago Cantera , presented on Monday a complaint against the controls of the Civil Guard and the Delegation of the Government of Madrid for the prohibition of access to the basilica.

As El Independiente has advanced and Efe has confirmed, this complaint was filed yesterday before the Court of San Lorenzo de El Escorial .

In the brief, the prior warns that the Civil Guard is in the precinct with "unconscious access" and has also prevented attendance at religious services and masses.

In addition, he demands that the entrance to the basilica be allowed to "perform acts of worship and ensure that inappropriate behavior is not carried out in a sacred place."

The prior considers that the presence of agents in the monument does not have "judicial authorization or any agreement that could justify such access." "They come and go as they please and, given the persistent claim for explanations, they only allege that they have verbal orders in that sense of Government Delegation," they add.

Cantera explains that since last October 20 the monks did not have access to the basilica despite the fact that this complex is "a place of worship and could not prevent access to the monks guardians of the place."

"The serious thing is not only that access to the monks is prevented, but that in a basilica they can freely assemble armed soldiers and funeral and construction workers, without any control being able, therefore, to produce desecrations and acts contrary to worship and self-pity of a Basilica ", criticizes.

Finally, Cantera reiterates that the Civil Guard had neither judicial nor ecclesiastical authorization to enter the basilica, "until the moment of the exhumation operations."

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