“I attribute this to the humanization of Russian criminal law,” he said.

According to him, the FSIN repeatedly appealed to the Supreme Court with a request to clarify lower courts so that people would not be sent to prison for minor crimes.

“Therefore, judges make humane sentences - they are increasingly sending people to correctional labor instead of a colony,” Maksimenko explained.

For his part, Igor Kalyapin, head of the president’s Human Rights Council’s Civilian Law Enforcement Commission, chairman of the committee against torture, said in an interview with the NSN that the number of prisoners in Russia has been steadily declining over the past six to seven years.

“This was due to amnesties, due to the decriminalization of certain compositions and due to parole. The Federal Penitentiary Service takes an active position in this regard, ”he said.

Earlier it was reported that the number of convicts held in correctional colonies during the year decreased by 6% to 434 thousand people.