• Oslo, an armed man steals an ambulance and rushes into the crowd: stopped by the police


22 October 2019

No connection with terrorism. This is what the Norwegian police say about the assault set up this morning in Oslo by a 32-year-old Norwegian national, already known to the police, who after stealing an ambulance crashed into the crowd in a residential neighborhood of the city.

"We currently have no information on the fact that the incident is linked to terrorism," police spokesman Johan Frederiksen said at a press conference.

And known to the police is also a woman, in turn of Norwegian nationality, suspected of being involved in the attack and stopped a few hours after the fact in a store in Oslo. 25 years old, he has not resisted and is accused of possessing a firearm. A rifle and a machine gun were found in the ambulance.

The theft of the ambulance, then the crash on pedestrians
The man, armed, stole an ambulance and launched himself into the crowd. The police tried in vain to stop the vehicle, firing, and succeeded shortly after, when the agents interrupted the ambulance run, putting themselves sideways with two cars (in the photo). The 32-year-old was injured and arrested. With the deployment of numerous vehicles and a helicopter, the hunt for a second person started, described as a young woman measuring one meter and 65 meters tall, with brown hair and probably drunk, as reported by Norwegian media.

Overwhelmed a couple and a woman with twins in a stroller
Overwhelmed people are an elderly couple and a woman pushing a stroller, with seven-month twins. Both children were slightly injured.