Even when you include G20 countries such as the USA, China, Russia and Canada, Sweden is lower.

An important explanation for the low price is Sweden's tax rebate on electricity. Companies in the manufacturing industry and computer halls pay 0.5 öre per kWh in electricity tax. The tax was introduced in 2004, following a minimum requirement from the EU. Before that, the industry's beloved was reduced to 0.

Households and small businesses pay 34.7 öre per kWh, 43 öre with VAT included. The tax rate has increased slightly almost every year since the 1990s. The last ten years with 6.5 cents.

The bourgeois and the red-green government has agreed to keep electricity taxation to a minimum for large companies. When the question was last investigated, in 2015, the investigator determined that competitiveness would suffer if the companies were forced to pay full tax. However, it was not investigated what a minor increase would mean.