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22 October 2019

The managing director of Autostrade per l'Italia, Roberto Tomasi, informed the Board that the law monitoring and surveillance activities on works of art will be entrusted to a leading company in the sector of international level, whose selection has already been started. Therefore these activities will no longer be performed by Spea Engineering.

The company communicates it in a note.

By the end of the year, verification and certification activities will also be completed on all 1943 works of art of the Autostrade per l'Italia network, which began in October 2018 and was carried out by engineering companies outside the Group.

Still on the monitoring front, Tomasi informed the Board that Autostrade per l'Italia has been developing an innovative digital system since May to allow the most efficient management of infrastructure assets, from the physical inspection phase to the completion of maintenance activities.

The CEO, Aspi concludes, also illustrated to the Board of Directors the plan, which had already been launched at the beginning of 2019, aimed at giving a significant boost to the works on bridges and viaducts of the motorway network, halving the intervention times. The plan provides resources for over 360 million euros and more than 350 interventions on the works of art of the entire network managed by Autostrade per l'Italia. This amount is added to the ongoing maintenance and investment program on the ASPI network.