Since the operation stop was introduced at the hospital twelve days ago, about 150 operations at the Academic Hospital have been canceled. The interventions are scheduled by so-called surgery coordinators. One of them is Monica Nilsson, who works on floor 1 of the Academic Children's Hospital, where she plans child operations. During the surgery stop, she had to cancel about 30 pieces.

- It has not been fun to call the children's parents and tell them that their children will not be operated as planned, says Monica Nilsson.

"Get to puzzle as best you can"

But as of Tuesday, she could leave other messages.

- Being able to call now and offer new times feels much better, says Monica Nilsson.

At the pediatric surgery, they have long worked hard to increase the number of surgeries - which they have also done. Already, Monica Nilsson sees that the stop will have consequences for the operation choirs.

- It feels frustrating. But we must puzzle as best we can and make sure we can carry out as many operations as possible.

She adds:

- We have a lot to do here, but I think primarily of all patients and their relatives who have their operations canceled, says Monica Nilsson.