On Tuesday evening, the police stopped the search for the missing student Sumanta Bansi in Robbenoordbos in North Holland, a police spokesperson told NU.nl. A body has been found in the water at Zuiderdijkweg in Wieringerwerf - about 13 kilometers from the forest - but the police still have to determine the identity of the deceased.

Due to new tips, the police continued the search for Bansi on Tuesday in Robbenoordbos in North Holland. The Veterans Search Team traveled through a large area in vain on Tuesday. Earlier in the water the forest was searched with the help of sonar equipment.

Next Tuesday the team will try again. Specialists from the search team then walk through lines in the woods looking for tracks.

In February 2018, the then 23-year-old Bansi went missing. She studied at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and did an internship at a dental practice in The Hague. Shortly before Bansi disappeared, she had called her mother to tell her that she was pregnant. After an earlier abortion, the student was determined to keep the child and was looking forward to becoming a mother.

The police fear that the woman has fallen victim to a crime. Her phone, public transport chip card and bank card have not been used since her disappearance. There are also no signs that she left abroad.

The Robbenoordbos where the police searched for Sumanta Bansi. (Photo: Google Maps)

Passer-by finds body in water

A passerby found a body in the water on Zuiderdijkweg in Wieringerwerf on Tuesday.

The police investigate the remains and, for example, have to determine the person's gender. At the moment it cannot be excluded that this is the body of Bansi.

In the case, a reward of 15,000 euros has been promised for the golden tip. The police have already received dozens of tips, but hope for more.

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