While traveling to Mayotte, Emmanuel Macron asked Nicolas Sarkozy to replace him for the enthronement of Emperor Naruhito.

Nicolas Sarkozy resumes service. While traveling to Mayotte, Emmanuel Macron can not go to the ceremony of enthronement of the new Japanese emperor, Nahurito. It is therefore the former President of the Republic who was chosen to replace him, while we know that the two men maintain very good relations.

"Nicolas Sarkozy considers that he has duties as a former president" . "He is known internationally, he is a good client and it avoids sending a deputy". For this close Emmanuel Macron, Nicolas Sarkozy has the ideal profile: to represent the head of state to the enthronement of the new emperor of Japan today, but also to the investiture of the Georgian president last year . New diplomatic mission and new proof of complicity between the two men? Not at all, or rather not only, they say: "Nicolas Sarkozy considers that he has duties as a former president," says one of his relatives, as echoing this advisor Emanuel Macron: "C It is very good that we can mobilize the former presidents: they do it in Germany for example.

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Solicitation all the easier as the Sarkozy-Macron relationship is more than cordial. This mission had also been proposed to François Hollande, who did not respond, officially for reasons of agenda. At the Elysee Palace, it is said in a smile that "we do not despair of getting to convince him" to represent his former adviser one day.