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22 October 2019Another attack in the center of Palermo. This time a 23-year-old boy was beaten in Piazza Nascè last night, a few steps from the central Piazza Sturzo.

According to a first reconstruction of the facts, to unleash the fury of the attackers, a 29 year old and a 25 year old who were identified by the Carabinieri and reported for personal injuries, would have been the 23 year old's attempt to 'defend' the girl who was with him by some heavy appreciations. So as soon as he approached to ask for explanations the boy was hit by a violent punch in the face. At that point the victim slumped to the ground, slamming her face against a bench.

On the spot the emergency vehicles arrived and the young man was transported to the emergency room of the Buccheri La Ferla hospital. The doctors ordered the transfer to the Civic Ophthalmology Department, where he was discharged with a 28-day prognosis.

This is the third case in a few days. The last attack dates back to two days ago when a boy was violently hit by a stranger. The victim is hospitalized in a prognosis reserved for a cerebral hemorrhage. And the day before, another similar case occurred. Same modalities but above all same gratuitous violence.