Imad Murad-Doha

If you experience pain with swollen joints and morning stiffness and other stools after sitting for long periods, you should immediately go to the rheumatology clinics, because these signs indicate that you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

There are 350 million people around the world suffering from this disease, which imposes on the patient a different nature of movement and activity, but early diagnosis is a glimmer of hope to significantly eliminate arthritis; providing treatment quickly leads to either control or cure it permanently.

To distinguish between arthritis and non-inflammatory joint pain is the basis of the diagnosis of the disease.If the patient feels pain accompanied by swelling in the joints and stiffness in the morning and other when sitting, these symptoms of arthritis.Joints pain is stiffness at the end of the day and not at the beginning, and increases pain with Movement, but decreases with movement in arthritis.

On the occasion of World Arthritis Day, October 19, a large number of countries organized awareness-raising events aimed at raising awareness, encouraging early detection, and urging policymakers to help ease the burden of those suffering from arthritis worldwide. .

various types
There are different types of arthritis, the most important of which are rheumatoid, psoriasis and gout.In addition, this disease affects men and women of all ages, but the risk factors lie in an unhealthy lifestyle, such as weight gain, smoking, in addition to age, And occupations that lead to excessive use of joints.

Allaf confirms that the treatment of arthritis depends on the period of detection of the disease (Al Jazeera)

The consultant of the first rheumatic diseases at Hamad Medical Corporation, Dr. Abdul Wahab Al-Allaf - in an interview with Al Jazeera Net - that the treatment of arthritis depends on the period of detection of the disease, especially in the presence of cases may be up to four or five years without discovering that the pain suffered Return to arthritis.

Allaf points out that the causes of the disease is still unknown; arthritis is an autoimmune disease that makes the body fight itself for unknown reasons, but some may be caused by biological changes or chemicals through eating, pointing out that red meat and some seafood Lead to gout, a type of arthritis.

Thermal therapy
On the reference of some studies to the effectiveness of thermal treatment of arthritis, said the consultant of rheumatology at Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar that thermal treatment is a temporary treatment depends on the emergence of an external external emergency, which is hot or cold until the patient is forgetting the permanent effect, a joint pain, considering that these methods Used in pain relief and not cured, but it may be therapeutic in sports injuries.

Al-Allaf revealed that the rheumatology clinics at Hamad Medical Corporation receive seven hundred patients a week through 69 clinics, stressing that the clinics offer the most effective treatments discovered globally, pointing to the existence of special courses to educate doctors in the institution on how to quickly diagnose arthritis patients and refer them immediately to the specialized clinic For treatment.

As for oily injections, which are promoted as a quick and ideal way to eliminate arthritis, Allaf stressed that these injections may be useful in the treatment of non-inflammatory diseases, but in talking about arthritis disease studies confirm the ineffectiveness of those injections, pointing out that the benefit of those injections is limited Highly and temporary, it is advised not to use them, as well as their large cost to the patient.