In Thuringia, the election campaign this week in the high phase. On Sunday, the citizens will vote for a new state parliament there. But the political programs of the parties were briefly in the background, death threats overshadow the election campaign. Mike Mohring, the Thuringian CDU's top candidate, was threatened with murder should he not finish the election campaign. Likewise Dirk Adams of the Greens, he was announced a knife and car bombing, if he does not meet the demands and resigns from his party. A few days earlier, the Green Party chief Robert Habeck had also received a death threat. All three cases are obviously motivated by right-wing extremism. TilmanSteffen, political editor at ZEIT ONLINE, tells us why it meets the Thuringian politicians and how politicians generally deal with it.

Since the winter semester began, the lecture halls in Germany are full again. Will there be more women this year? Meanwhile, the gender distribution of students is almost equal. Last October, more women had started studying than ever before. But what about the individual fields of study? Which correspond to the cliché, what not? A lot has happened, for example, architecture is now a female rather than a male subject. Other subjects such as mechanical engineering, however, have remained the same. Host Fabian Scheler talks to Amna Franzke, the editor in charge of ZEIT Campus Online. She has analyzed the number of undergraduate students in detail.

And otherwise? Roll back in the case of the NPD official Stefan Jagsch, who was elected mayor of Altenstadt

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