22 October 2019

The 18-year-old Pia Olden, residing in Bjugn, in the Norwegian province of Trøndelag, and passionate about horseback riding, cooked and ate her own Drifting speed horse, posting photos of the dish on social media.

She works as an apprentice cook and, in her opinion, has made the right choice. The horse had an injury with irreversible consequences and had to be shot down. It was the same mistress who led the horse to the slaughter, crying, according to her own admission. Since only a few medicines were administered to the horse, even if from racing and not from slaughter, its meat was considered suitable for human consumption. So Pia, instead of digging a pit and "wasting so much meat of excellent quality", decided to cook the horse.

The consumption of horse meat has long been a taboo in Norway. Due to special emotional relationships between the horse and the human being, in the collective mentality horse meat was considered non-edible. A Norwegian researcher, Annechen Bahr Bugge, however, praised the 18-year-old's gesture, considering it "innovative": according to the researcher, in the era of sustainable diet Pia took a big step, preferring to turn the horse into food, rather than dispersing it in the earth.