Japan National Baseball Team camp starts for international tournament “Premier 12” Oct. 22 21:30

A training camp for the Japanese national team for the premier baseball tournament “Premier 12”, which will be the prelude to the Tokyo Olympics next year, started in Miyazaki City, and Director Atsuki Inaba is actively practicing communication with players during training. I started.

The Japanese national team entered the training camp in Miyazaki city from the 22nd for the first league of “Premier 12” to be held in Taiwan from the 5th of next month.

On the first day, there were many players who were free after the season, so we spent time on defensive practice to check the body movement, and the pitcher and infielder worked on joint play such as bunt processing and fighting.

Director Inaba walked around the ground and actively talked to the players to convey his expected role and his thoughts.

Also, in the batting practice, Hiroshima's Seiya Suzuki, who became the representative for the first time in about two and a half years, flew one after another to hit the outfield stand.
Director Inaba intends to appoint Suzuki as the center of the batting line.

After the practice, Director Inaba said, “The players moved vigorously and were able to practice very well. Everyone has the goal of becoming the best in the world, so that each role can be established during the training camp. I want to keep communicating. "